Current Projects

With hundreds of animals on the endangered species list there's no time to waste for Australian wildlife! Our current projects are focussed on those most in need of your help.

FAME works wherever the need is greatest, and every dollar you give to our projects helps save an endangered species from extinction. You can choose to donate to one of the 'current projects' below, or simply let as use your gift 'wherever the need is greatest!'

Just like you, we can't wait to see another one of these current projects become a success story!

Returning the Brush-tailed Possum to the Flinders Ranges

Brush-tailed Possums have been declining in regional areas and has been extinct in Northern and Central Flinders Ranges since the 1930s.

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Western Quoll

The Western Quoll has been locally extinct in South Australia for 130 years.

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Saving our animals from feral cats

Optimising Felixer: an automated targeted feral cat control device.

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