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Why Fame ?

Why Fame ?

Australia has an amazing range of life forms - many of which are only found in this country. Sadly Australia has the worst rate of extinction in the world! FAME has taken up the challenge of preventing further extinctions. 

With the support of people like you, FAME has helped bring more than 20 unique Australian species back from the brink. But there is a still lot to do - the fate of hundreds of species are hanging in the balance and time is running out... Your donation today will help save some of Australia's most endangered animals. 

In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight

In "John Gould's Extinct & Endangered Mammals of Australia" FAME Board Member Dr Fred Ford revisits the work of the famous 19th ccentury zoologist John Gould.  It provides a fascinating look into the attitudes of early European settlers towards Australian mammals and how these mammals have fared since then (not well in many cases!). As a bonus the book is beautifully illustrated with a number of Gould's original drawings.

You can listen to Fred speak on ABC Radio National about this book and fate of Australia's mammals here. The book is available from all good bookstores.

January 27 2015

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