Bringing back the Western Quoll

FAME is working with the South Australian Department of Environment to reintroduce the endangered Western Quoll to arid and semi-arid Australia, starting in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges. The return of the Western Quoll, a predator at the top of the food chain, will help restore the balance of species in these regions.

The Western Quoll once had an important place at the top of the food chain across arid Australia from Western Australia to Queensland but is now found only in the south west of Western Australia.  Recent international studies show that restoring a dominant predator to its original range results in more healthy, balanced natural systems.

The Western Quoll – a roughly cat-sized mammal with greyish red fur and white spots - is the largest known central Australian native predator.  The re-establishment of the Western Quoll in the Flinders Ranges will reduce the impact of foxes, cats, rabbits and mice and facilitate the recovery of native vegetation.

Project Update:

Despite the ever-present threat of the feral cat, together we’ve established a growing population of Western Quoll in the Flinders Ranges for the first time in over 130 years.

In the first ever return of the Western Quoll to part of its original range across 70% of the Australian mainland, 41 animals were translocated from Western Australia to South Australia in 2014 and established in the Flinders Ranges on a trial basis.  The majority of these quolls survived, more than 60 young quolls were born, and most of those babies were safely raised by their brave mothers and have established their own territories.

Based on these great results the trial release was deemed a success and approval given for the official translocation project to begin.  On 6 May 2015 a second group of 37 adult quolls was brought in  to swell the numbers of the new colony to over 100 animals, and the formal return of the Western Quoll to South Australia was celebrated.

Below is a photo from September 2015 of one of the young Quolls born to Ada, a Western Quoll who was released into the Flinders Ranges in 2015. The final batch of Western Quolls to be released into the Flinders Ranges is planned for the 6th May 2016. FAME is aiming to have up to 15 quolls released with emphasis being placed on ensuring the most genetically diverse individuals are picked to increase the diversity and hence health of the population in the Flinders Ranges. Please make you donation today to ensure this release goes ahead.

Baby Quoll born to Ada who was released into the Flinders in 2015.




Last updated February 2016