Saving the endangered Tasmanian Devil

FAME is a founding partner of Devil Ark in NSW’s Hunter Valley, where the largest mainland insurance population of endangered Tasmanian Devils has been established. Devil Ark will support a healthy population of up to 500 endangered Tasmanian Devils, safe from the fatal Devil Facial Tumour Disease that has almost wiped out the species on the island.

Experts have predicted that the Tasmanian population may be extinct within the next decade.  To prevent total extinction, healthy Tasmanian Devils must be bred on the mainland, away from the disease.

44 healthy devils were established at Devil Ark in January 2011. Over the past 4 breeding season 135 joeys have been born at Devil Ark with another batch due later this year. There are now more than 150 healthy devils now roaming across 13 free-range enclosures at Devil Ark. The total number of devils at Devil Ark frequently changes as breeding devils are swapped with the 35 other zoos participating in the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program. This ensures that a healthy genetically diverse population of Devils are maintained at Devil Ark. Unlike zoos with their small enclosures, the Devils at Devil Ark are kept in a natural environment to maintain their wild behaviour. This is critical to ensure that they can be eventually released into Tasmania.

In November 22 Tasmanians Devils from Devil Ark made the trip back to Tasmania. They were released in a disease free, fenced area at Forestier Peninsula.This realease will be a test to see if the disease-free Devils can survive in Tasmania and be the first step the return of a healthy

Last updated December 2015