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On The Brink Issue 01 2017

On The Brink Issue 01 2017  

2016 Issue 1

This issue includes some great stories including the Journey of the Western Quoll Project, Brush-tail Possum Virlda Update, the New Holland Mouse Thriving in Woodland and more from FAME!

2015 Issue 2

Our newsletter tells some encouraging stories of success for our projects over many years, includes an update on our current priority the Western Quoll and Brushtailed Possum reintroduction, and…

2015 Issue 1

Western Quoll Project update

2014 Issue 2

Western Quoll trial reintroduction deemed a success plus reflections on partnerships that have made this project and many of our past successes possible.

2014 Issue 1

FAMEs first newsletter for 2014

2013 Issue 2

FAME's second newsletter for 2013

2013 Issue 1

Updates from Devil Ark, Mt Rothwell and the Mountain Pygmy Possum projects, The Quoll's Last Stand and more...  

2012 Issue 2

Saving possums with genetic rescue, Wadderin Sanctuary update, threats posed by invasive species and more...

2012 Issue 1

Bridled Nailtail Wallaby - one of the world's most endangered species, Love in the air at Devil Ark, update on the Mahogany Glider recovery and lots more...

2011 Issue 2

Devil Ark launch of ‘Fences for Devils’, Wildlife returning to central wheatbelt of WA, FAME renewing partnership with Mt Rothwell Sanctuary and more….

2011 Issue 1

Mahogany Glider recovery post Cyclone Yasi, New home and new hope for Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat, Multiple benefits of Emu Wren Project and more….

2010 Issue 2

Devil Ark Begins, Native Fish Recovery Program, Nanya Station to receive permanent protection and more..

2010 Issue 1

Western Barred Bandicoots established and breeding at Arid Recovery Reserve, Local schools save endangered fish, Great news for Gilbert’s Potoroo and more…

2009 Issue 2

Potoroos in the spotlight, Leadbeater’s Possum after the fires, Saving Threatened Australian Rodents and more…

2009 Issue 1

Scientists support physical separation of Devils from Tasmania, FAME supports Malleefowl protection at Nanya Station, Victoria protects the Dingo and more…

2008 Issue 1

Tasmanian Devil in crisis, Sanctuary protection for endangered Red-tailed Phascogale, FAME supports Southern Ark Project and more….

2007 Issue 2

Endangered Western Swamp tortoise making a slow recovery, Wildlife responds to Southern Ark fox control, Biodiversity critical to survival of marine environments and more…

2007 Issue 1

Fire pushes Alpine wildlife to the brink, Brush-tailed Rock Wallabies hold their own in NSW, Eastern Quoll Project and more…