Farewell to Cheryl

Published: 21 Dec 2016

Article from FAME Newsletter, 2016 Issue 2

It is my melancholy duty on behalf of FAME to say farewell to Chery Hill, the Company’s much loved and respected CEO, who retired 30 June 2016 after over 25 years as the CEO of FAME, and before that Earth Sanctuaries Foundation (which became FAME).

Cheryl will be greatly missed by all FAME stakeholders; its donors, staff, the managers of conservation projects FAME supported and its Board.

Cheryl’s sudden and unexpected loss of her husband, Geoffrey, also an employee of FAME and a significant contributor to FAME’s successes, was a devastating loss. With many family commitments and without her Geoffrey, Cheryl elected to retire to focus her attention on her family at this most challenging of times.

Cheryl came to FAME from Earth Sanctuaries Foundation and Greenpeace and has spent her working life supporting important causes, particularly native wildlife conservation. Cheryl is one of those unique people who have actually made a difference that benefits us all.

Cheryl, as FAME’s CEO, was a very passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated person. She was very outcome focused in relation to FAME’s native wildlife conservation projects, pursuing value for money from FAME’s investments.

Accordingly, Cheryl’s retirement from her full-time duties as CEO of FAME is a significant loss for FAME, its donors and its Board. Cheryl, as FAME’s CEO, will be greatly missed.

On behalf of all FAME’s donors, staff and directors, I sincerely wish Cheryl all happiness and good health in the future. I’m sure I speak for all when I say; we look forward to her appointment as a Life Member of FAME and hope and anticipate Cheryl will frequently attend FAME functions in the future.

Christopher Chapman


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Comments: (6)

Dear Cheryl

So sorry to hear of the loss of your husband.
What a terrible blow.
I don’t know you personally, just from little emails over the years, but I have always admired you.
I wish you “Bon Courage” and hope you find solace in nature and your family and friends.
I recently lost my much loved sister and am still coming to terms with that and spend lots of time in my garden photographing insects and acting like a hermit and am slowly coming to terms with it all.
One day at the time and not too much thinking of the future is all you can do till the worst of the pain subsides.
Best wishes to you for Christmas and hope the New Year treats you gently.
Mieke van den Bergh

We shall miss your infectious energy and deep commitment to our wildlife, Cheryl. Like you, we are “old members” from back in the Earth Sanctuaries days. Their vision locked in to your psyche and you have run, passionately, following the dream.
Congratulations on a job so well done, Cheryl.

Your friends Max and Jacqui.

Sincere condolences the loss of your husband. Can’t imagine how you are feeling right now. So many hearts are aching in sympathy for you. I have known you only from emails over many years, and have always admired your dedication since the days of Earth Sanctuaries - such an important innovation at the time - where would any of this be today without John Walmsley shocking the pants off everyone with his cat skins - but he knew how devastating feral animals were to our wild life and how important a Sanctuary was, didn’t he?. Your appointment as a Life Member of FAME is well deserved.  Hope you find support and comfort in the arms of family and friends and keep fighting the good fight - we really need people like you.  Best wishes to you for Christmas and hope the New Year treats you kindly.


Thanks for all your work, Cheryl. You’ve made a major contribution

Hello Cheryl
My condolences for your loss of your Husband and best wishes in your retirement.
Kind regards
Victor Summers

Thank you for your years of dedication to such a worthy cause, your efforts will be remembered for a long time, and Australia’s wildlife will always benefit from your work.  Best wishes for your retirement.

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